More than just fantasy.

For years, football fanatics from all over the globe have turned to the world of fantasy football in the true battle of managerial supremacy. With EPLDraft, things are about to get a whole lot more serious.

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Fantasy football, as it should be.

We've taken everything we all love about the beautiful game and created the ultimate fantasy football experience.


Live Draft Room

We're bringing to life the drama of the live online draft! Draft from anywhere in the world and go head-to-head in real-time with your league-mates. The coveted first-pick is up for grabs - who will you choose?



Challenge different league opponents each week in a one-on-one battle to see who reigns supreme. Win each week to climb the league ladder and be crowned champion!


Player Trading

Will you risk trading for the potential rewards? Trade with other team in your league as well as the free agents list to assemble the ultimate team. Will your trade payoff and bring you glory?


100% Free

Our site is completely free to use. Create your team, follow the scores, watch the results pour in and track your progress throughout the season, on us. Why? For the love of the game. For the love of the draft.


Waiver Wire

Think the tactics are over once the draft is complete? Think again! As new players are signed during the transfer window they are added to the Waiver Wire. Do you pick up or pass on a player? It could make or break your season!


Scoring Powered by Opta

We won't tell you what all of our scoring secrets are just yet, but you can be sure all positions will be recognised properly. We will have comprehensive and detailed stats provided by Opta. Stay tuned for more information.

The Drama of The Draft

Choose your own unique squad, but choose carefully! Each player is only available once, so your squad is yours and yours only.


Head to Head Match-Ups

Do battle with each of your league opponents in the ultimate test of managerial supremacy. Create leagues with your mates or join a public league from anywhere in the world.


Play Off For Ultimate Glory

Every league needs a champion. Enter the knockout stages where the stakes are higher than ever. No one remembers who came in second. Pride, glory and bragging rights await you as the champion!


A new era of fantasy football starts now...

We're currently putting the finishing touches on the game. Leave your details and we'll let you know when everything kicks off.


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