More than just fantasy.

A battle of football minds. The EPL Draft makes you a football manager, competing against your friends for one thing –ultimate glory. Draft and trade players in the EPL to create the superior team and remember one thing. This isn’t fantasy.

  • Draft Based System

    We’re bringing alive the drama of the live online draft! The coveted first-pick is up for grabs and the stakes are high. Go head-to-head in real-time with your league-mates and draft your unique team.

    100% Free

    For the love of the game…for the love of the draft. Our site is completely free to use. Follow the scores, watch the results pour in and track your progress throughout the season, on us. Why? Because we have a love of the game and we know you do too.


    Comprehensive and detailed stats are provided by Opta. We won't tell you all our scoring secrets but you can be sure the defensive midfielders will be recognised this premier league season. Stay tuned for more information.